Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 2009 - WANT: A child's view on want

Really it has been a every long, long, long time since I was a child. So, this post is based on those shadowy memories from long ago. As a child, I recall, my wants were few when compared with today. I also recall that though few their importance was extreme. Again, as with an adult, a child has many layers which build with time.

At first, the only thing you want is well being. I course a child translates that into "mom". Later as the world expands, things become important, very important.
The thing that moves over the crib.
The thing that is furry and wanders by.
The warm bottle.
The fresh, clean diaper.

These basic things in fact the whole world.

Still later, there are wants beyond this close-in group. Balloons, rides, play, and hugs. Again, these are extremely important.

As adults we some times take for granted how important these basics are to children.

Still later, a child's connections with the outside world become important. Walking, talking and understanding become the primary wants. Again, their importance to us as small, young children is extreme. When we fall down in our walking practice it feels catastrophic. When we can't make the right sounds or understand others these frustrate us to tears. Adults look on this as minor. To adults these are minor, but to children they are the world, the whole world at that moment.

Perhaps this is where we as children learn the different level of importance. Perhaps this is how we learn to view obstacles as bumps, hills, mountains, cliffs, potholes or pokes.

What a child wants is simple in adult terms.
What a child wants is everything in their view.

Ah, to be back as a child with those simple wants and still have the abilities of an adult. Just for a few moments. Basking in the warmth of learning new words, understanding new ideas and getting so excited when a snowflake touches down on our cheek, we would be lost in the moment. All the other adult things are set aside. Importance of the moment becomes paramount.

That's all a child wants, just everything they need at that second.

No, we are not children anymore.
We are adults.
Just remember that those layers from our youth are in there somewhere.
Grab hold of them once in a while and give them a tap to wake them up.


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