Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally, an HF antenna (well sort of)

After the 2011 Field Day, I definitively got the bug to do HF.  However, our house is on an extremely small lot and antennas are not prohibited but aren't on anyone's roof.

This is my current solution.  We shall see how long I get away with it.  During the slideshow below you can click on any photo to get a bigger version over on my Picasa page.

In addition to the HF wire, we needed 2 meter and 70 centimeter antenna for working with the Kent Communications Support Team.  The final two photos show this one atop a 20 foot flag pole which is mounted to our upper deck which is another 10 feet above the ground.

Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Radio-in-a-box for Comm Academy

Once again it is time for the Comm Academy.  I attended this conference for the first time in 2010. Very interesting with many great talks and presentations.  This year will be no exception.

Coincidently, this year's sessions have a "digital" track and I just finished my "digital" radio in a box.  Each year Comm Academy hosts a contest to see what new ideas the Hams come up with.  You will find a presentation below that shows the project I have been working on for the 2011 contest.

This is a brochure in PDF which describes the project.
Enjoy! If you have question, feel free to contact me at at

Update 2011-07-22: Since the Comm Academy, the Vertex radio has moved out of the box and was replaced with an ICOM V8000. The V8000 is now dedicated to the packet/WinLink connection via the Kantronics TNC. Now, this radio in a box can send and receive via AirMail. Soon with the addition of a second USB to Serial adapter the station will be able to operate both AirMail and FLdigi connections at the same time.

Update 3/29/2015:  This box has gone through major changes.  Removed Red Cross radio and added an IC-2200H to do the digital work and the ID-880H is dedicated to voice & D-STAR.  Surface arrangement has been modified almost entirely.  Replaced Kantronics KPC3+  with Costal Chipworks TNC-X.  Added power meter and USB ports, each has ON/OFF switch to conserve power.  Replaced Alinco power supply with much smaller Jetstream Power supply.
Photo below shows the changes.