Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Amateur Radio Operator - KF7GOS

Back in November 2009, I finished up 8 weeks of classes to become a C.E.R.T. member.
CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team.
The purpose of CERT was to better prepare individual citizens to handle emergency needs prior to the arrival of formal emergency response.

During this training, it became clear that communications between CERT teams as well as response teams and other resource was vital. Several of my classmates were amateur radio enthusiasts and gave me information about how HAM radios are utilized during emergencies and in particular how they were used during the past hurricane seasons that were so disastrous. One fellow CERT member got me in touch with the Federal Way Amateur Radio Cloud (FWARC). I went to a FWARC regular meeting and met some of the nicest folks ever. This started me on the path to become a licensed amateur radio operator for the purpose of helping with emergency communications. FWARC holds classes, followed by official testing. During the weekend of 12/06/2009, I attended a 2+ day Technician class and passed. It took about 5 days for my successful completion to be registered with the FCC and my call sign to be generated/entered into the ULS database.

Lacking a radio makes things a bit anti-climatic, but this means I may actually get the appropriate equipment. The immediate next steps are:

  1. contact local emergency amateur radio groups (RACES, ARES) for advice on equipment

  2. study and test for the General class level license

  3. establish a base station, mobile station and supplement with Handheld Transceiver (HT)

Who knows where this may lead, since beyond the emergency radio applications there are possibilities to communicate with people around the world.

If you are an amateur radio operator, my call sign is KF7GOS, feel free to CQ me in near future. Checkout ARRL web site if you're interested in Amateur Radio


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year Thanksgiving was very different than the usual fair of turkey, stuffing and a boat load of calories decorated liberally with salt, sugar and lots of fat.

For me, Thanksgiving is no longer traditional since I found that I am allergic to turkey. Who the heck is allergic to turkey?! In addition, my daughter has been following a vegetarian lifestyle and my wife and I have lost significant weight. Our diets have completely changed.

So for Thanksgiving 2009, we had the following fare:

Amaretto Apricots With Walnuts Teriyaki

Baby mixed greens with pear, pecans and feta

Butternut squash and apple bake

Kristian Regle Orange Sparkler

Phyllo crust pumpkin pieDessert

Herbal tea

As you can see, not your normal Thanksgiving dinner. We still came away rather stuffed, but not bloated.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rotavirus Vaccine's Remarkable Impact

Success against a disease that hit Nicaragua's children hard.

Rotavirus kills 2 million children per year worldwide. Its impact hit Nicaraguan children hard. But in 2006, a vaccine came to the villages. And the results are remarkable.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking for tile or stone for your remodel?

We were flooded on the lower level of our home this past January (2009). We had to rip out everything and decided to tile all the floor surfaces and bathroom walls.

We went to Tilelines in Kent, WA.

For those of you in the Puget Sound area, Tilelines is a great place to get tile, stone and installation classes and supplies. Great selection, helpful reps and fair prices. We are using them for our remodel. We worked with Darren Helbling, tell him Rich Hand sent you.

Pictures of our project will be added soon.... hopefully!


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