Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year Thanksgiving was very different than the usual fair of turkey, stuffing and a boat load of calories decorated liberally with salt, sugar and lots of fat.

For me, Thanksgiving is no longer traditional since I found that I am allergic to turkey. Who the heck is allergic to turkey?! In addition, my daughter has been following a vegetarian lifestyle and my wife and I have lost significant weight. Our diets have completely changed.

So for Thanksgiving 2009, we had the following fare:

Amaretto Apricots With Walnuts Teriyaki

Baby mixed greens with pear, pecans and feta

Butternut squash and apple bake

Kristian Regle Orange Sparkler

Phyllo crust pumpkin pieDessert

Herbal tea

As you can see, not your normal Thanksgiving dinner. We still came away rather stuffed, but not bloated.