Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yet another Radio-In-A-Box (ammo can version)

Inspired by an ad from Quicksilver Radio, I decided to make yet another radio in a box.
This was the inspiration the Hammo-Can go box

The parts are:

You can price things out at the current time, but my costs were far above the Hammo-can price.

Below are photos of the box.  Unique features are:

  • Tilt up stand (to angle front up)
  • Powerpoles connectors for 12V power out and 12V battery in

First configuration with ammo can lid attached

 Note flip out stand.  This came from my FT-897 which was installed in another radio in a box case.  Also note that the power cord, microphone, programming cable and short antenna jumper cable are all stored inside.

Second configuration without ammo can lid. 

Antenna is not connected in these photos.  The antenna jumper comes out just above the right side of the power supply.

This is a photo that show the radio a bit better.
Sorry about some of the photos being blurry, used my phone to take photos.

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