Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Comcast strikes again or why I hate Comcast!

Got a call from Comcast promotions.
Stop there I should have. But no,
I listened to the offer and at the end of the call said I was not interested. Hung up. At that moment our internet went down. Coincidence?
Called them back and they denied that they had the ability to "turn off" our internet. Since I went through this same scenario several years ago, I knew that they did. I have never ever had a good experience with Comcast.
Stop there I should have. But no.
Called Comcast customer service. Well, you can guess how that went. Ended with me saying, that I could not waste anymore time with them.
Final result, the network did eventually come back, obviously.
If there was a high speed alternative to Comcast in our area, I would be off Comcast in a heartbeat.
In my opinion, Comcast sucks!
P.S. Hopefully, it is just our case because a lot of people still subscribe to Comcast and they would all be very angry people if they went through the crap that we have experienced with Comcast.

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